Location :

Edmond, OK

Client :


Website Design & Development
release date :

September 26, 2023

For the SWAT Mosquito Mist Systems project, Wunderbloom re-designed & developed their entire website, implemented on-page search engine optimization measures, created content, and added additional pages to increase Search Engine Rankings. The goals of the website were to reach a wider audience, properly display their services / service details, provide potential clients with relevant information regarding the mosquito control services SWAT has to offer & the way they do business, and implement a client login for their existing customer base. To achieve these goals, Wunderbloom assessed SWAT's existing website and executed a complete overhaul of SWAT's online presence, adding a blog, flushing out their frequently asked questions page, elaborating on the practices and standards of the business as whole, and expanding on their virtues and mission.

The biggest takeaways from the SWAT project were the importance of competitor research, understanding the best way to provide potential clients with relevant information, and implementing calls to action.

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