A little about us

Since graduating from the University of Oklahoma with degrees in Advertising and Psychology, we have been determined to leave our mark on the digital world while helping to positively impact businesses. We believe creating our own business was the perfect way to pursue our passions. With our cutting-edge web design & development software, our proven SEO strategies, and a comically large amount of coffee, we're ready at any moment to create and execute a plan that makes you money.

We're a dynamic duo, cat-parents, art lovers, food fanatics, & many more things. We are thankful every day for the chance to make a positive impact on the world by doing what we love, and strive to create beauty in everything we do. Let's do this thing.

gabriel Mata & Teighanne Savage
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Our vision

In a world full of pushy sales techniques and manipulative marketing, we create the basis for a genuine brand that connects with people. People are becoming increasingly critical, have lots of choices to make, and are constantly on the move. You need a way to exist in the future--to attract employees and customers.
That's where we come in. By focusing on customer acquisition first, we form the foundation for building your brand.

our mission

We implement top-of-the-line Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, and design visual identities. We are an insight and behavior-driven, Full Service Marketing Agency Specializing in: SEO, Web Design & Development, Digital & Physical Marketing, and so much more...

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